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Escort 9500IX Radar Detector

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Escort 9500IX

Not legal in all areas. We will not ship radar detectors to Virginia or Washington DC.

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Escort 9500IX Radar Detector

The Escort 9500IX radar detector was the first GPS based unit with an updateable defender database to hit the market. Leading the way the GPS equipped in this unit works in conjunction with the database to notify you of possible threats. It does so by scanning 360 degrees for laser threats as well as upcoming speed cameras and red light cameras. This unit gives you the ability to mark critical locations, for instance, places where the speed limit drops quickly and heavy enforcement areas. Every day more and more traffic flow sensors are appearing on the nation’s highways. Although this technology is great for informing you of traffic ahead, they emit a very strong K-band frequency that is picked up by many detectors creating a false reading. The Traffic Signal Rejection on the 9500IX radar detector solves this problem by filtering the K-band detection. This unit has three user selectable sensitivity settings, City, Highway and Auto. When placed in Auto mode, the Auto sensitivity is set on. This feature varies radar sensitivity on X-K bands with your current speed, and when your speed decreases, so does the sensitivity of X-K bands to reduce the possibility of false alarms. The Escort 9500IX is available in both red and blue displays and includes a coiled travel cord. Nothing is worse than a ticket on a vacation or business trip; don’t let your travels get ruined when on the road. Protect yourself with an Escort portable radar detector from Audio Express – Quality Auto Sound!  

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