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Audiovox PSB120 Parking Assist System

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Audiovox PSB120 Parking Assist System

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Audiovox PSB120 Parking Assist System

Audiovox built the PSB120 parking assist system especially for those drivers who would welcome a little help backing up but don’t want to bother with a lot of cameras and monitors. It has become popular among Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound customers as a stand-alone unit or part of a larger system. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems product line has helped drivers over the years to avoid collisions, protect property and more importantly, save lives. Four small sensors are installed on the rear of the vehicle to “see” objects in the blind spot at the back of most vehicles. When an object is sensed, the message is relayed to a dual LED display that has three stages of audible beeps and two stages of visual alerts. The beeps and LED display work together to give the driver information about how much room is available before hitting the object. The monitor unit can be mounted on the dash or anywhere else that works for the driver. If you want an economy package that provides an additional level of support by alerting you any objects that may be behind you, it’s time to pay a visit to Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Tell the safety professionals you want to know all about the Audiovox PSB120 parking assist system.

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