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Flash Logic FLCAN Bypass Module

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Data Bus Interface module for Alarms and Remote Start systems.

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Flash Logic FLCAN Bypass Module

The Flash Logic FLCAN is a CAN bus bypass module that provides software based communication to your vehicle’s data bus for an alarm or remote start system. This allows it to control various functions such as factory anti-theft override, keyless entry, and trunk or hatch opening among others. Installing an aftermarket alarm system has never been less invasive to your vehicle. Previously you had to cut and tap into many wires and spend large amounts of time to install an alarm or remote start system. Now that vehicles have data bus computer systems, the Flash Logic module will allow you to simply program the interface with the proper firmware for your vehicle, making the installation faster, more efficient, cleaner, and definitely safe for any vehicle computer systems. The Flash Logic FLCAN bypass module supports more than 38 makes and over 3400 vehicles with very few exceptions, so chances are your vehicle is covered by this or like models. It’s also compatible with many different brands of alarms and remote start systems including Viper and Code Alarm. Before Can Bus interfaces like this, many alarm systems took extra relays and resistors to make door locks function through the remote control, along with a substantial increase in install time, and often required an expensive extra key installed in the vehicle if there was a factory immobilizer. The FLCAN “clones” the key’s code for the factory immobilizer bypass, and interfaces directly with the Can Bus system to activate door locks without invasive installation, making this bypass an incredible value. With vehicle computers being so advanced, don’t take the chance letting just anyone install your alarm system. Make sure it’s done by an authorized dealer, and that the proper module will be used. Trying to cut corners and not using an interface module can cause severe damage to your vehicle and computer system.  Check with your closest Audio Express or Quality Auto Sound location today to see if the FLCAN bypass module is compatible with your vehicle.

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