Heise HE-R535 LED Light Strip

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Heise HE-R535 LED Light Strip Watch the Video to see how tough they are.

Heise HE-R535 LED Light Strip

Using Heise HE-R535 LED Light Strip, you can turn any car, truck, motorcycle, or off-road vehicle into a movable light show. The team at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound has some wonderful ideas for your ride.

Single-color strips feature 60 LED’s per meter in a water-resistant strip. Double-sided tape is included for a permanent bond to the body. Strips can be cut to any length, with safe cutting locations at every third LED. Wrap them under, around and over the body to get exactly the effect you are looking for.

Besides enhancing the appearance of a vehicle, the HE-R535 light strips also increase visibility, which increases safety.  Motorcycle riders, in particular, can enjoy extra confidence after dark. ATV riders who run at night will also enjoy the extra margin of visibility.

These lights are easy on your electrical system. A full 5-meter string draws only 1.5 amps of current. That means you can brighten your travels with no worries.

Ask about strips rated at IP68 for use on watercraft. After all, why should motorcycles have all the fun?

Stop into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and take a look at some of the results other people have achieved with these lights. Tell the guys you want to be introduced to HE-R535 LED Light Strip.




5 Meter Strip

8mm wide, 60 LEDs per meter

Water resistant covering

3M double sided tape provides a strong bond

120 degree viewing angle

LED strips can be cut at every 3rd LED

5 meter strip only draws 1.5 amps of current

Heise branded retail blister packaging

Each 3528 LED is one single LED that measures 3.5mm x 2.8mm


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