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Hushmat 30300 Quiet Tape

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Hushmat 30300 Quiet Tape

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Hushmat 30300 Quiet Tape

The HushMat 30300 Quiet Tape is used to secure wires, harnesses, and cables to help prevent vibration and rattles. Simply cut with scissors, peel and stick, and the cables or wiring that was rattling will instantly be quiet. HushMat's incredible adhesive technology makes this product a must in every tool box. If you are working on an older custom car, boat, or side by side vehicle and don’t want rattles and vibrations coming from under your dash or panels, Quiet Tape will silence the nuisance and not fall off in heat or cold. Use this in conjunction with Hushmat Ultra dampening material for the quietest, most insulated ride possible. This tape is 20 feet long and 1 inch wide. Don’t forget, HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening & thermal insulating material available to the automotive aftermarket.

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