Hushmat Pro AE00020 Trunk Kit

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Hushmat Pro AE00020 Trunk Kit

The HushMat Pro AE00020 Trunk Kit sound deadening & thermal insulation material leads the automotive industry in performance, as well as ease of installation. This product comes in many sizes and is OEM approved. Packaged specifically for your vehicle to provide 100% insulation coverage. Hushmat helps quiet vibrations in metal due to bass, and helps insulate your vehicle, keeping the heat, cold, and road noise out. This also increases the clarity of your door speakers, but reducing the back wave effect and keeping the sound tight and true. No puzzle pieces to put together, simply cut the piece to the desired size and apply the HushMat. This can install on the firewall, doors, floor, trunk, and roof. The AE00020 trunk kit contains ten 12X23 inch sheets, for a total of nineteen square feet. Don’t forget, HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening & thermal insulating material available to the automotive aftermarket. There’s no such thing as too much Hushmat, get your vehicle covered today!

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