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Hushmat Pro AE00040 Black Sound Deadening Starter Kit

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Hushmat Pro AE00040 Black Sound Deadening Starter Kit

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Hushmat Pro AE00040 Black Sound Deadening Starter Kit

The HushMat Pro AE00040 black sound deadening starter kit is four square feet of the #1 rated sound deadening and thermal insulation product on the market today. There're so many uses for this kit that it is hard to list them all. HushMat’s starter kit can eliminate rattles in door panels, rattles in trunks, vibration’s in your dash, flexing in the roof, eliminate heat coming from the road or engine, and even be used to seal up a hole, just to name a few applications for this versatile product. One of our favorite uses for the AE00040 is to place it around car speakers. Doing this simple thing will produce better overall sound, allowing your speakers to deliver more of the music and overall sound quality that’s otherwise lost in most applications due to the poor sound producing materials in vehicle doors and rear decks. With the AE00040 HushMat Pro kit applied, you will now receive all of the quality sound and music that your speakers were designed to deliver and that you paid for! This package comes with 4 sheets sizes 12x12 inches. With an ultra-light weight design at just .47 pounds per square foot, you can add this mat to most areas, without adding extra weight that other deadeners give you due to the inexpensive, heavy fillers they are made from. It will apply without prepping the area before laying down the mat and it also form fits to contoured surfaces. HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening and thermal insulating material approved by the automotive industry.  

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