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Hushmat Pro AE00824 Wave Breaker

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Hushmat Pro AE00824 Wave Breaker

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Hushmat Pro AE00824 Wave Breaker

The Hushmat Pro AE00824 Wave breaker is a synthetic large cell foam, and can be used to treat standing waves or back waves in every speaker in your car, truck, boat, RV, office and home. You place the Wave Breaker directly behind the speaker magnet, and this will eliminate standing wave/back wave from that speaker. How is standing wave created? Every speaker creates this type of wave. When the speaker cone moves in and out, waves are created in two directions. The wave coming out of the front, is music, and that’s what you want to hear. The wave coming out the back is called distortion, and that’s what we want to reduce or eliminate. If there is no Wave Breaker or Hushmat, this back wave reflects off the solid surface behind the speaker, either your car’s metal or the wood in your subwoofer box, and bounces back, essentially throwing the speaker out of phase. When HushMat is placed behind the speaker, these back waves are absorbed, keeping you music clean and your speaker safe. Therefore you get all the music you paid for out, plus longer life and cleaner sound out of your car speakers. This package comes with 2 sheet sized 8x8 inches. Don’t forget, HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening & thermal insulating material available to the automotive aftermarket.

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