IbEAM TE-DVR-DL Dash Camera

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iBeam TE-DVR-DL Dash Camera

The iBeam TE-DVR-DL is the dual camera solution for anyone who wants a real record of their driving. The high-definition digital video recorder built into this rugged package has really caught the attention of customers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Dash cameras have gone from being novelties to being essential assets for drivers and fleet operators in the past few years. The two cameras — one facing forward and one focused inside the cab — provide a minute-by-minute record of everything on the road in front of your vehicle, and everything inside. With resolution up to 1080p, there can be no doubt about how events happened. A built-in G-force sensor detects collisions and other invasive incidents and locks the captured video to prevent it from being over-written. You can also capture still photos at the push of a button. A 16gb SD card is available separately from iBeam, and the unit will hold a maximum 128gb SD card. You can view contents on the built-in screen or download the WiFi enabled app for more flexibility. Whether your purpose is to collect beautiful scenes on your vacation, record rugged adventure in an off-road vehicle, or preserve evidence at an accident or crime scene, your first stop should be Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. And the first thing you need to ask about is the iBeam TE-DVR-DL dual dash camera.

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