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JBL BASSPRO SL Compact Subwoofer

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JBL BASSPRO SL Compact Subwoofer


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JBL BASSPRO SL Compact Subwoofer

The JBL BassPro SL is the answer when owners of small vehicles ask, “Where can I put a subwoofer?” The flexibility and sound quality of this JBL BASSPRO SL Compact Subwoofer have made it an instant hit with shoppers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Small enough to fit under the front seat of many vehicles, this powered bass system supplements a car audio system’s full-range speakers. Its shallow-profile, 8-inch sub delivers amazing low-frequency sound from its ABS enclosure. A crossover control and flexible EQ adjustments let you blend the bass perfectly with the rest of your your system, your car’s acoustic environment and your listening preferences. Variable bass boost makes sure you’re getting all the bass you need. The built-in amplifier produces 125-watts RMS power, puts out minimal heat, and doesn’t require a lot of current from the car’s electrical system. It is built with soft-start turn-on and protected by thermal, overload and speaker short technology. You can add an optional wired bass remote controller to make sound adjustments while you’re on the move. The size means it can go almost anywhere. It is less than three inches high, about eight inches wide and 14 inches long. In short, if there’s room to lose a jacket under your seat, there’s room to install this complete bass system. It will fit in the cargo area or behind a panel, but it is at its best when it’s right there with you in the passenger compartment. When you come into your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound looking for compact bass, you can be certain you will receive professional advice and the lowest installed price in town. Tell the experts you want to hear the JBL BassPro SL in action.

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