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Jensen DUBa2100 2 Channel Amp

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Jensen DUBa2100


Jensen DUBa2100 2 Channel Amp

Jensen, an industry leader in car audio for decades continues to design and develop the absolute best in lower priced car audio gear, while still offering very high quality. Their latest high performance amplifier line is no exception! Jensen has partnered with DUB magazine and high performance wheels to create the all new Jensen Amplifier DUB Edition line of products, including the stylish and powerful new Jensen DUBa2100 2 channel amp.  This amplifier features a modern design that will look great with any system design, and provides the sound quality to match. Jensen continues its DUB series line with the DUBa2100 2 channel amp. The DUB series amplifiers were co –designed by Jensen and DUB Magazine to deliver to you products that appeal cosmetically and provide the best performance on the market today dollar for dollar! The Jensen DUBa2100 is very compact in size, in fact its small footprint will fit in vehicles with even the tightest available space, while still giving you the sound quality you are looking for and would expect from Jensen products. This amplifier has a peak power of 480 watts and will deliver an RMS rating of 80 watts x 2 channels which is a lot of power when you’re talking real, usable power. It can also be bridged to 4 ohms to give you 225 watts x 1 channel. This means it’s versatile! If you want to power up your door speakers so you can play them louder and have them sound much clearer, this amp will do the job. If you want to power a subwoofer to give you some hard hitting, tight bass, it will do that as well. This is a class AB amplifier with a MOSFET power supply, which means your sound quality will be high, the amp will stay cool, and you’ll be putting minimal strain on your electrical system. The Jensen DUBa2100 2 channel amp delivers a lot of bang for your buck and is the perfect first step if you’re tired of your vehicle’s factory sound and want to upgrade the quality to a more pleasurable experience without breaking the bank.

Additional Information

Power Handling 80 Watts RMS x 2-Channels Into 4-Ohms, RMS 2x125 Watts, 2-Ohm, Bridged 1x240 Watts, 4-Ohm
Frequency Response 10Hz - 60 kHz, -3dB
Dimensions L 11.25" x H 2.0" x W 8.1"

Customer Reviews

amp Review by adam
I went to Audio Express and wanted to add a little bass, my speakers that came with my car had zero bass. The guys that helped me sold this amp to me with a Alpine 10 sub. Now I have the sound I wish I had when I bought my car. (Posted on 2/22/2017)

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