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JL Audio CS113TG-TW5V2 PowerWedge Truck Box

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JL Audio CS113TG-TW5V2 PowerWedge Truck Box


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JL Audio CS113TG-TW5V2 PowerWedge Truck Box

The JL Audio CS113TG-TW5v2 PowerWedge truck box is designed to deliver big bass in limited space. The experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound are finding that this compact powerhouse is at home in many smaller vehicles, not just trucks. With a depth of 7.25 inches at the base and only 4.5 inches at the top, there’s room for serious bass in lots of vehicles. Featuring the 13TW5v2 low-profile subwoofer, this box shows off a driver that has received awards from around the world for its breakthrough performance capabilities in seemingly impossibly tight spaces. In this sealed system, engineers have harnessed the performance of this patented driver to deliver amazing sub-bass performance. The enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum sealed alignment and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening. JL Audio's Miramar, Florida loudspeaker production facility is one of the most advanced in the world. At a time when most audio products are built overseas, the commitment to in-house loudspeaker production continues to grow. Since most of the company’s premium loudspeakers incorporate proprietary, patented technologies requiring specific assembly techniques, it is vital that the people who designed them have close access to the people manufacturing them. This enclosure begins with quality medium-density fiberboard, which is then machined on woodworking stations that are able to cut a wide range of features onto a sheet of MDF with minimal waste and absolute precision. The machines cut out the woofer holes, terminal holes, cut dado grooves, create countersinks and most importantly, cut the angles at the edges of the panels that form the enclosure's main shell so that these panels fit together precisely, with no gaps or leaks. V-groove assembly results in a far stronger and better-sealed enclosure than the typical butt-joint construction. If you thought quality bass was impossible in the tight corners of your vehicle, it’s time to talk to the professionals at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Tell them you need to hear the JL Audio CS113TG-TW5v2 for yourself.


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Ohm 2 Ω
Power Handling 600 W

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