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JL Audio VX1000/5i 5 Channel Amplifier

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JL Audio VX1000/5i 5 Channel Amplifier


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JL Audio VX1000/5i 5 Channel Amplifier

The JL Audio VX1000/5i amplifier is the answer to the puzzle of how to power a complete system without stacking amps everywhere. This versatile beauty has made lots of fans among the professionals at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Producing up to 100 watts per channel in four channels and 600 watts in a dedicated bass channel, this amp just begs to be turned loose in your ride. Second generation NexD2 amplifier technology in the full-range channels is DSP-controlled and features a reduced loop area design utilizing DirectFET outputs for outstanding fidelity, low noise and high efficiency. The bass channel features an optimized low-frequency version of NexD2 technology. Instead of traditional knobs and switches for control, all adjustments and DSP function are configured with a PC, tablet or smartphone using the TüN software application. It automatically recognizes connected amplifiers and displays the appropriate interface. The result is you have 10 Bands of fully parametric EQ, per output channel at your fingertips, including pre-outs; and high-pass and low-pass filters for each output channel, with selectable alignments and slope. The latest generation of NexD2 high-speed switching technology delivers superb full-range power, fidelity and efficiency. The DSP acts as central clock for all channels to improve audio quality and reduce noise. The result is an amplifier chassis that is ultra-compact with all connections on one side. This is not an amplifier you will want to hide away somewhere. The configurable LED logo ring displays status and can display preset color codes or a user-defined color. The logo badge can be oriented in 90 degree increments. If you are in the hunt for a powerful, flexible amplifier make your next stop at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Tell the friendly experts you want to audition the JL Audio VX1000/5i amplifier.

Additional Information

Filters High-Pass & Low-Pass Filters for each output channel, with selectable alignments and slopes
Equalizer 10 band parametric EQ
Power Handling 14.4V, <1% THD 100W x 4 + 600W x 1 @ 2 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz / 20Hz - 500Hz
Dimensions H 2.12” W 11.32” D 6.62”

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