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K40 RD950 Portable Radar Detector

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K40 RD950 Portable Radar Detector
Not legal in all areas. We will not ship radar detectors to Virginia or Washington DC.

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K40 RD950 Portable Radar Detector

The K40 RD950 portable radar detector. For years, K40 has been a top name in permanently-installed radar and laser detector units however, these were typically hard to move from vehicle to vehicle when the time came. K40 has responded to many customers needs by offering two new and very state-of-the-art portable units. One of them is the RD950 portable radar/laser detector. It is K40’s brand-new entry into the portable radar market, and it has great features not usually offered in this class of detector. For example, the ability to filter out K-Band alerts triggered by new driver’s safety products, rear collision avoidance systems, active blind side assist, and lane departure systems. These are becoming very popular with today’s new vehicles, and the last thing you want is a radar detector that beeps at you every time a car passes by. This unit has a user-adjustable, 3 stage filtering system so you can adjust the sensitivity depending on your surroundings, keeping false alerts to an absolute minimum. It also has a new versatile muting system that allows you to mute the unit in a few different ways, from automatic volume control to complete mute. The vibrant dot matrix display gives you full control over the level of brightness, providing you the ability to adjust for glare at anytime, day or night. You can also choose between voice and audible tone alerts, and the K40 RD950 includes all the necessary items to attach the detector to the windshield and power the unit. The RD950 portable radar detector comes with a suction cup windshield adapter and two different power cords at no extra charge. One cord is coiled for easy moving between vehicles, and the other is a straight cord designed for a more permanent installation solution. Many drivers believe that radar tickets are more about revenue than drivers’ safety. We’re not sure about that, but what we are sure about is that you want to keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket, and K40 does to! In fact, they are so confident in their products working as designed, they back it with their exclusive ticket reimbursement program, see their website or come in our store for details.

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