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K40 RLS2 Portable Radar Detector

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The K40 RLS2 has the convenience of being portable.
Not legal in all areas. We will not ship radar detectors to Virginia or Washington DC.

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K40 RLS2 Portable Radar Detector

The K40 RLS2 represents a new venture for K40 into the portable radar detector market, and it is their top-of-the-line portable offering. The detector has 13 customizable settings, allowing it to accommodate all types of drivers’ needs. The RLS2 has some great new features not found on other brands. It has a new K-band filtering system that eliminates false triggering due the new radar-based safety features contained in many new vehicles on the market today. The RLS2 has a GPS feature, meaning you can program nearby stationary red light camera positions and have the detector alert you whenever you approach one. It gives you the ability to mark and unmark specific driving locations such as speed traps, school zones, and other areas you may want to remember. This allows you to build your own database and mark locations that are important to you. The RLS2 offers two additional helpful features. The first is the “Quiet Ride” feature which allows you to preset a minimum speed that will keep the K40 RLS2 quiet until you exceed that predetermined speed (making this radar detector great for long trips). The second exclusive feature, “Speed Monitor”, will give you an audible and visual alert to “Slow Down” when a preselected speed is exceeded. Great for young drivers or when driving in cars where the ride is so smooth you can lose track of your speed. The K40 RLS2 will also allow you to easily enable or disable different bands of radar, keeping false alerts to a minimum. It features a new vibrant dot matrix display that is fully adjustable to accommodate different times of the day or night and adjust for any ambient glare. Like all K40 portable units, it comes with all necessary accessories for an easy installation, including a windshield bracket as well as two power cords at no extra charge. The first cord is a coiled cord for multiple vehicle use, and the second is a straight power cord for a more permanent hardwired installation. K40 is proud to back their detectors with their industry-leading ticket reimbursement program, see their website or come by our store for details.

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