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Kenwood CMOS-320 Rear View Camera

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Kenwood CMOS-320

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Kenwood CMOS-320 Rear View Camera

Kenwood’s CMOS-320 rear view camera helps keep you aware of your surroundings when backing up. This goes on the back of your car and when you put your car into reverse the image goes to your receiver. This camera has a 190 degree horizontal view and a 150 degree vertical view. With this view you will get a big picture so nothing can hide behind you. This is perfect for large vehicles and vehicles high off the ground. The Kenwood CMOS-320 rear view camera has five views you can choose from so no matter what it will work for any car. The views you can choose from are overhead, wide, ultra wide, and two corner views. There is a button that is mounted to your dash that will allow you to change the different views.

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