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Kicker 40DCWR122 Loaded Sub Enclosure

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Dual CompR

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Kicker 40DCWR122 Loaded Sub Enclosure

The Kicker 40DCWR122 Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure comes with 2 12 inch CompR series subs with a max 3,200 watt max and 2ohm’s.  With our CompR™ Subwoofer loaded inside sturdy single- and dual-sub boxes, the end result is intense. CompR Loaded Enclosures present a simple way to upgrade a sound system and satisfy the most radical bass cravings in any vehicle. Certified Authorized Dealers nationwide expertly install Kicker Enclosure in minutes. Available in two dual-sub boxes and a single-sub model, CompR always delivers big KICKER bass. Vented for ultimate volume, the loaded enclosures are designed with drastically rounded corners and internal bracing for strength, additional support and cosmetic appeal.  Newest Kicker Enclosure are covered in plush, charcoal-gray carpeting, making for some of the sturdiest sub boxes money can buy. All are available in a 2-Ohm impedance.

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