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Kicker 43CXARC Bass Knob

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Kicker 43CXARC Bass Knob

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Kicker 43CXARC Bass Knob

The Kicker 43CXARC Bass Knob gives you easy control over the massive power built into Kicker’s amplifiers. Fans of the famous Kicker bass sound are telling us at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound that this bass level control is exactly the right finishing touch to their system. The CX Series amps produce their power levels because Kicker engineers have developed an optimized circuit layout and the company has always been committed to the using only the highest-grade internal components available. The highly efficient heat sinks help keep the amps cool while allowing a sophisticated new look. With all that power, it stands to reason Kicker mono bass amplifiers would offer this optional remote level control so you can adjust your bass right from the dash. Dial the bass up or down while you’re on the move — from a gentle bump to “own the road!” You can create exactly the sound you want in an instant. This one-knob remote bass controller is compatible with any CX, DX or PX Kicker amplifier equipped with a jack for remote bass control. There’s a 1/8-inch audio cable included, which connects the knob to the jack on the back of the device. Not only does it offer pinpoint control, but it looks good, too. Get your bass under control with the Kicker 43CXARC from Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.

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