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LED Vehicle Lights

LED Vehicle Lights

LED Vehicle Lights

LED Vehicle Lights LED vehicle lights are taking over the automotive industry, with good reason. Their rugged dependability, bright lighting output and flexible installation are all big plusses for customers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.

An LED, short for Light Emitting Diode, is a type of transistor paired with a substrate that emits light when current is applied. LEDs have a number of advantages over incandescent lighting that are very attractive for automotive and power sport uses. They are very insensitive to vibrations, and in many uses they will last for the life of the vehicle. They can be baked into moisture proof casings to be installed in all kinds of harsh environments. LED bulbs light up much quicker than incandescent bulbs, and give more light per supplied watt, which us very important when they are used on vehicles with smaller electrical systems.

Because LED vehicle lights are extremely compact and run cooler, they can be used where conventional bulbs are simply impractical. Because they can be made to emit many different colors there is no need for bulky, fragile covers to create colors. Whether you are looking for brighter headlights, work lights, light bars or driving lights, LED technology has you covered with durable products designed to last the life of your ride. And if you really want to express yourself after dark, take a look at the selection of flexible LED light strips available today.

Drop into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and let our expert staff show you how to make your life a lot brighter with LED vehicle lights.

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