OEM Car Audio Upgrades

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OEM Car Audio Upgrades

A wide variety of OEM car audio upgrade options make it possible for luxury vehicle owners to have a true high-end audio experience that matches their taste and style. A visit to Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound will reveal a universe of possibilities to take you far beyond factory sound.

If leaving your dash in pristine factory condition is a high priority, the solution to improving your sound lies in digital processors. These units convert the speaker-level sound from your source unit or factory amplifier into clean pre-amp signals for upgraded speakers and amplifiers. The result is amazing, and the hardware is invisible to anyone in the vehicle.

A wide selection of high-end upgrade speakers is available to take advantage of the reprocessed signal. The variety of sizes means the vehicle owner can have new speakers installed in the factory locations and enjoy an immediate improvement in sound quality.  Owners who want to go beyond the factory design can take advantage of custom solutions from our creative professionals.

Even new subwoofers need not disrupt the factory appearance of a luxury vehicle. Vehicle-specific enclosures take advantage of available space in the vehicle to allow subwoofers to be integrated into the system while taking up a minimum of usable space. Factory-match fabrics make the addition virtually invisible.

If the audio experience doesn’t seem to match the look and feel of your luxury vehicle, perhaps it’s time to come into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and see the spectrum of OEM audio upgrades we have available.

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