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OEM Signal Processors

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OEM Signal Processors

Adding an OEM signal processor solves the dilemma of keeping the pure factory look of your dash and having sound that matches the high-end look and feel of your vehicle. That’s why the experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound are proud to feature a wide variety of options.

Factory radios produce a speaker-level signal with preset equalization designed to make the factory speakers sound the best they can. At its most basic a signal processor strips away the preset equalization and produces a pure preout signal that can then be sent to upgraded amplifiers and speakers. The result is sound tuned specifically to your vehicle, your choice of speakers and your music preferences. The difference will amaze you.

High-end OEM signal processors can do much more, depending on the model you choose. Time delay means the music from the rear speakers of the vehicle reaches you at the same time as the front speakers. Bass restoration brings up the low frequency spectrum that typical factory systems “roll off”, meaning the bass signal, and music, is suppressed in many factory systems. Multiple equalizers allow you to shape the sound for specific speakers.

Some of the more sophisticated signal processors will interact with your OEM source unit so that you can continue to use the balance and fader built into your factory deck. And all of this happens without any visible changes in your vehicle.

Bringing the quality of the music up to the quality of the vehicle is the first step to a true luxury driving experience. When you are ready, drop into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and hear for yourself what OEM signal processors can do in your high-end vehicle.

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