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OEM Video Upgrade


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OEM Video Upgrade

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When you set out to do an OEM video upgrade in your luxury vehicle, it seems everything you consider is going to have that “added on” look. You want components that blend with the high-end look and feel of the vehicle you have chosen to drive.

At Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, we have assembled a selection of OEM video upgrade products specially designed so they seem to have come from the factory. No “almost right” color matches or compromises with where the air conditioning controls are placed.

Video for passengers in the back seat is almost a must on long trips – and nice for quick runs across town, too. With the Voxx series of headrest monitors for high-end vehicles, you have 8-inch or 9-inch monitors in headrests that are the exact shape as your factory headrests, covered with exactly the same material and stitched with exactly the same thread. They will also meet strict highway safety standards.

Upgrading your OEM in-dash media source need not be an adventure in logistics. The Alpine Restyle line of video / navigation upgrades incudes 10-inch, 9-inch and 8-inch vehicle-specific models for many high-end trucks and sport utility vehicles. By using specially engineered replacement panels that exactly match the factory dash, Alpine Restyle allows you to have a whole new multi-media experience.

When you are ready to step up and add mobile video to match the rest of your luxury vehicle experience, come in to Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and have one of our professionals show you what is possible. You’ll find an OEM video upgrade is easier and more appealing than you ever imagined.

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