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Pick and Choose Your Deck and Bass Package

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Pick and Choose Your Deck and Bass Package

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Pick and Choose Your Deck and Bass Package

Here’s the chance to get exactly the sound package that is right for your vehicle! You have a choice of a 1-DIN or 2-DIN AM/FM/CD receiver, and then you can select a full-size 12-inch powered bass box or a compact bass system that will fit in the tightest corners of trucks or compact cars. The low package price, including installation*, can save you as much as $160! KW-R935BTS or KD-R985BTS Both of these AM/FM/CD receivers are packed with features, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth, no matter which one fits your dash. Choose the KD-R985BTS for a 1-DIN upgrade, or go with the KW-R935BTS for a whole new look in your 2-DIN dash. Both models feature Bluetooth with full-time connection for two phones, as well as Pandora and iHeartRadio support. You can add an optional tuner to bring SiriusXM satellite service to either deck, and both are ready to support steering wheel control interface. Two USB inputs let you add devices as you wish. With multi-zone variable color and English or Spanish menus, this really will be your personalized entertainment center. It’s really just a matter of which one fits your dash! GT-BASSPRO12 or BASSPRO-SL If a full-size 12-inch powered enclosure is the answer to your dreams of big bass, JBL’s GT-BASSPRO12 has everything you’re looking for. This box houses the subwoofer and a mono amp that puts out 450 watts peak power. The variable low pass filter and subsonic filter let you have the sound just the way you want it. And don’t worry about volume; you will be amazed at what the slipstream port can do! The JBL BASSPRO-SL means you won’t have to give up any bass impact even if you don’t have space for a conventional subwoofer and amp. This system is tiny — under 3-inches high and less than 14-inches long — but it puts out a world of sound. The 8-inch subwoofer is powered by an amp that hits 250-watts peak, and the surround is specially designed to focus and enhance the sound. * Installed price includes labor to install components shown. Custom work, kits, plugs and supplies additional.

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