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R-S65 6.5 Alpine Speakers

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R-S65 6.5 Alpine Speakers

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R-S65 6.5 Alpine Speakers

The R-S65 6.5 Alpine speakers are a new take on a history making speaker system. The reputation and engineering expertise combined to make them an instant hit with customers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. These 6.5-inch two-way coaxial speakers are built to run at 100 watts RMS all day long, and handle peaks up to 300 watts. Performance and hardware improvements made to the highly successful Type-R speakers have transformed them into the new R-Series speakers – which Alpine calls “The Next Evolution of Proven Performance.” R-Series speakers now use a ring-type tweeter voice coil for increased efficiency from the 1-inch silk dome tweeter. The result is more realistic highs and better tonal balance across the entire sound band. The tweeters swivel to allow more accurate sound placement. Wave Guide technology, in the form of a phase plug in the center of the mid-woofer cone, enhances in-car sound dispersion and helps eliminate phase distortion. The Dynamic eXpander ring stiffens the cone around the Wave Guide, eliminating a big source of distortion from cone flexing. The multi-layer hybrid fiber cone on the R-S65 is driven by a high-performance linear drive motor and large, square-wire, dual layer voice coil. It is all protected by a newly-designed metal mesh grille with the R-Series logo. Added sturdiness at the grill’s edge gives better protection against intrusions on the side of the speaker. With all this going for them, is it any wonder these speakers have been attracting attention at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound locations? When you stop in, tell the audio experts you want to hear the R-S65 6.5 Alpine speakers.

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Power Handling RMS 100w, Peak 300w

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