Car Stereo Receivers

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Car Stereo Receivers

Are you in the market for a new car audio receiver? Maybe you want more features, or you want to replace that factory stereo that came with your car. Here are some things to consider in a new stereo.

Audio Sources

Car audio has come a long way from the old AM/FM 8-track tape systems some of us remember with a twinge of nostalgia and disgust. These days you can listen to music through iPod connection, thumb drives, your smartphone’s Bluetooth, CDs, satellite radio and, of course, AM/FM radio.

Most receivers offer most if not all of these options; however, there are some that remove certain functions, such as a CD player, in favor of better sound quality, size or other options.

If satellite radio is something you’re interested in, pay attention to Satellite Radio-Ready vs. Satellite Radio Tuner. A Satellite Radio-Ready receiver will require an additional tuner and antenna to receive a signal, but some receivers will come with that tuner included and ready to receive signal immediately.

Sound Quality

Many choose to replace a factory receiver in order to improve sound quality, as well as improved technology and features. Even if you’re going to keep your factory speakers, a new stereo will improve the sound and imaging. However, if you plan to replace your factory speakers, then you’ll want to look for stereos with higher power output and preamp voltage, as this will give you the best sound to your new speakers and amplifiers.

Other Functions

Other things to consider in a new receiver are exciting and cutting edge technology that your vehicle may not currently offer. Many receivers have onscreen navigation capabilities to help you find your way, and if your vehicle came with steering wheel controls for the factory stereo, a simple steering wheel control adaptor can keep that functionality on your new receiver. Plus, today’s technology is more affordable than ever, so getting a car stereo with a large, safely useable touchscreen is affordable on just about any budget.

Many cities across the country are banning cell phone usage without hands free while driving, so Bluetooth hands-free calling feature can come in quite handy, and a large screen is easier to use and navigate, just like your smartphone.

Audio Express

If you’re in the market for a new stereo, stop by one of our many stores and chat with one of our Car Audio Professionals at Audio Express. We’ll help you find the receiver that is best for you and your vehicle. We’ll even help you save time and frustration by installing the receiver for you. Plus, we guarantee the lowest installed price in town!