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Car Stereo Receivers

Car Audio Receivers

Car Stereo Receivers

When picking out new car stereo receivers, there are many things to consider;” What features do I want?”, “How will it look?”, “Will this affect my warranty?” You want someone who is experienced at taking apart your car, and help from a knowledgeable person who specializes in 12 volt, not someone from the dishwasher department. When you think about the amount of time spent in your car, with your commute to work, running the kids around, or summer road trips, you probably spend a lot more time in the car than you think. Since you want to purchase a stereo you will be happy with for years, it’s important to have a professional that can help you find the features you want, at the price you can afford.

The last thing you want is someone lacking knowledge with car stereo receivers, recommending a low quality stereo that is missing features you want now or may want in the future, like Bluetooth, MHL mirroring, iPod control, Smartphone integration, and many others. It’s important to have someone who understands where the technology is going, so you don’t buy a stereo that is outdated 3 months after it is installed. The professionals at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound can help you with your car stereo installation from Kenwood, Alpine, JVC, Pioneer and others, for less that any mobile electronics specialist in the country. We have a solid knowledge of the features that customers are looking for in their car stereo receivers, plus features that you may want in a year or two. So call or stop by your local Audio Express/Quality Auto sound, and one of our factory trained car audio technicians will help you choose from our great selection of car stereo receivers that will give you years of enjoyment to come.

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