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Aux Input Receivers

Aux Input Receivers

Aux Input

Most of today’s head units offer an AUX Input, which refers to a 3.5mm auxiliary jack typically located on the face of the stereo. This allows the user to plug in any device that has a headphone input with the use of a 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack. Using the Aux input allows you to control the music and sound right from the device itself, whether it’s a smartphone, IPod, or an old Walkman tape player! Having an Aux Input gives a large amount of versatility to the stereo, as anything with an audio output jack will be able to transfer sound into the radio with the proper cords. So whether it’s the audio from a rear seat video set up, or the sound from a video you just recorded with your smartphone, having an auxiliary input will allow you to enjoy to hear that media right thru the sound system of your vehicle.

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