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iPod/iPhone Compatible Receivers

IPod IPhone Compatible Receivers

iPod/iPhone Compatible

Many aftermarket stereos have the “Made for iPod/iPhone” logo present. This signifies that the stereo is capable of integrating with your Apple product and designed to work the same way that you are used to. Typically you would plug your device into the USB port on the radio, and this will allow you to search thru your iPod/iPhone by artist, song, genre and more. While connected to the USB port, your smartphone or tablet will charge, and you will be able to access the features you need to, while driving in a safe and convenient manner. Made for iPhone/iPod also means that Apple has certified the stereo to work with their standards, and it complies with all necessary features. So call or stop by your local Audio Express/Quality Auto sound, and one of our factory trained car audio installation technicians will help you choose the stereo that is made specifically for iPod/iPhones.

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