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SiriusXM Radio Ready Receivers

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SiriusXM Radio Ready Receivers

Since Satellite Radio debuted over a decade ago, the selection of satellite SiriusXM radio ready receivers has steadily grown. Traditionally there were two separate tuners with different plugs, one for XM and one for Sirius, so a radio would be either “XM Ready” or “Sirius Ready”. After the two providers, Sirius and XM, merged into Sirius XM, aftermarket stereos became “Sat Ready” or satellite ready since the add on tuner plug became standardized. This allowed the manufacturers to make a single style plug in for the add-on tuner that would allow the consumer to add the same satellite tuner regardless of what brand they choose to go with. All the top vendors like Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, and JVC, just to name a few, offer satellite ready radios. The term “Satellite Ready” refers to a port/plug in on the back of the unit that the Satellite tuner would plug into. With this option, the information like artist and song title will be displayed on the receivers face, and the consumer can change the SiriusXM radio satellite stations directly thru the stereo rather than having a separate plug and play dock or controller. Having a direct connect tuner also deliver the best sound quality available since the connection is digital rather than FM modulated. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound has been one of largest partners of SiriusXM radio since the beginning. We sell and install more direct connect tuners to satellite radio ready units than just about anyone else in the country. Plus we do this at the lowest installed price in town! Call or come by and check out our selection of SiriusXM radio ready receivers today!

Disclaimer: SiriusXM satellite ready stereos require the purchase of the SXV200V1/SXV300V1 tuner sold separately in order for the SiriusXM feature to function.

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