Smartphone Mirroring Receivers

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Smartphone Mirroring

As smart phones become more and more integrated in our lives, consumers are looking for ways to get the content on their devices to “mirror” into their cars. There are many different protocols for doing this, from having a hardwired connection to streaming wirelessly. What you are able to stream varies based on the phone or tablet that you are using to transfer the content. Typically Android phones work easier with most streaming devices, but there are many applications that the IPod/IPhone can also mirror to a separate screen. Where it is App based, like the Waze navigation app or YouTube, or content that is present on your device, like pictures and videos, there is usually a way or cord to allow you to transfer the information. The transfer can be done thru MHL, mirroring, “Mirrorlink”, DLNA, HDMI, or Wi-Fi transmission. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound carries all the top brands and the latest in smartphone mirroring technology. If you have questions or want to be able to mirror your smartphone to your in dash or rear seat video, please call or stop by and see one of our car audio installation specialist and they will be glad to help you understand which devices will work with what products, and the best way to get them to Integrate.