Code Alarm CA6155 Remote Car Start

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Code Alarm CA6155 Remote Car Start

Code Alarm CA6155 Remote Car Start

The Code Alarm CA6155 Remote Car Start is the workhorse of this line. This customer-favorite package available Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound is loaded with the features every driver wants. The security system features neighbor-friendly silent choice, with flashing parking lights to let you know what is happening. Even though it can be stealthy when you activate the alarm, it can really sound off with the 126dB weatherproof siren, and features a “real panic sound” horn output. The dual-stage magnetic shock sensor delivers light-touch or full trigger response, and the starter interrupt makes sure nobody drives away with your ride. With security taken care of, the remote start system lets you cool your vehicle down in summer or warm it up in winter with selectable runtime from five to 60 minutes. Progressive car find, hijack mode and quick stop keep you in charge of everything that’s happening. Tachless mode and hybrid vehicle compatibility give you even more reasons to love the CA6155 system. It comes with two four-button one-way transmitters, but will handle up to four transmitters. They communicate with the glass-mount antenna with built-in blue LED light and valet switch. Of course the whole package is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. With car theft numbers on the rise and a vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds, can you afford not to have first-class protection? It’s time to take a look at the extensive line featured now at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Tell the friendly professionals you want to see the Code Alarm CA6155 Remote Car Start.

Tech Tip: Today’s advanced computerized vehicles require a data integration module for security and remote start installations. Data integration modules allow for proper communication from the alarm/remote start system to the vehicles advanced electrical system. These modules differ from vehicle to vehicle and if required are an additional cost, with added install labor, in addition to main alarm and or remote start unit. If you would like to know if your vehicle needs one of these modules please contact one of our team members or use our “Ask Lui” feature.

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