Viper Alarm 5305V Remote Start and security system

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Viper Alarm 5305V Remote Start and security system

Viper Alarm 5305V Remote Start and security system

The Viper Alarm 5305V two-way remote start and security system is the complete package if you’re tired of steaming hot cars in summer and frigid rides in the winter. The combination of features and price has attracted many buyers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Send and confirm commands with the LED screen on your four-button LCD transmitter. There is also a four-button one-way remote included. Stay inside, start your engine and wait until the temperature is just where you want it before going outside. You can defeat Mother Nature! The security system includes Failsafe starter kill, Stinger Double Guard shock sensor and Revenger six-tone siren. Keyless entry and trunk pop are included, and four auxiliary channels allow you to access many other convenience features on your vehicle. Adding the optional Viper SmartStart module to the Viper 5305V increases the quarter-mile range so that you can control the system anywhere you have phone service.

The promotional $1 installation covers labor to install the system described here. Some vehicles require specific interface modules at added cost with additional installation charges.

Tech Tip: Today’s advanced computerized vehicles require a data integration module for security and remote start installations. Data integration modules allow for proper communication from the alarm/remote start system to the vehicles advanced electrical system. These modules differ from vehicle to vehicle and if required are an additional cost, with added install labor, in addition to main alarm and or remote start unit. If you would like to know if your vehicle needs one of these modules please contact one of our team members or use our “Ask Lui” feature.

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