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Shuriken SK-BT80 High Performance AGM Power Cell

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Shuriken SK-BT80 High Performance AGM Power Cell

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Shuriken SK-BT80 High Performance AGM Power Cell

Whether your car is equipped with a high end audio system, or just needs a little more power to keep up with your needs, the Shuriken SK-BT80 can help. This 12 Volt battery can be used to replace the factory battery in most vehicles, or as a stand-alone power source for systems up to 1800 Watts RMS! This Power Cell is 100% sealed with an absorbed glass mat (AGM) design, and is extremely resistant to heat and heavy vibration. All this makes the SK-BT80 versatile enough to be mounted in any position, and in almost any factory location. The Shuriken SK-BT80 has an impressive 80 amp hour rating, but the quality doesn’t stop with the power ratings. Shuriken filled this beast with pure lead plates, closely packed in its reinforced ABS plastic housing. It is maintenance free, and spill free so you never have to worry damage, or cleaning up battery acid again. In addition the posts are designed to be used with ring terminals, or a buss bar to guarantee the simplest install possible.

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