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What is a subwoofer?

Best Car Subwoofers for Sale - Audio Express

A subwoofer is a speaker designed to produce low-frequency sounds, adding bass and full sound to your car stereo, allowing for a complete sound. Subwoofers come in a variety of sizes from rare 6.75” to more common 10”, 12” and 15” sizes that enable you to get the perfect amount of bass for whatever your musical tastes are.

Subwoofer Advantages

The benefits to your sound by getting subwoofers for your car is substantial. While your regular car speakers can produce smooth highs and rich mid-range sound, they will only be able to deliver lackluster lows at best – no matter how great the speakers are. Trying to get bass from speakers not designed to produce it will cause premature speaker failure and poor, distorted sound. Adding a subwoofer or two brings a full bass sound to your system.

Subwoofer vs. Speaker

While standard car speakers are designed to handle high and mid-level frequencies with great ability, when trying to push lower frequencies through the sound can get distorted and lose quality. A subwoofer is designed specifically to handle those lower frequencies, providing your music a full sound for all of the ranges in whatever genres you choose to enjoy.

Subwoofers Design

Most car subwoofers are designed to fit into an enclosed, air-tight box that helps to amplify the deep bass sound they create. These enclosed boxes can vary in size, allowing for a variety of installation situations. All-in-one subwoofers include an amplifier built in and can often fit under the front seat of a car. Larger subwoofers can be installed in a trunk with boxes that can accommodate one or more subwoofers to produce extra bass.

Considerations for Purchasing

If you’re considering a subwoofer or two for your car, there are several things you need to think about.

Subwoofers come in a variety of sizes, mostly ranging from 8 inches to 15 inches. The larger the woofer, the more air that is moved, and more bass is produced. Surprisingly this doesn’t necessarily mean the size of the box needs to be larger as well. Today’s subwoofers are extremely efficient versus years past, allowing larger subs to function in smaller enclosures than ever before. However, ported or vented enclosures tend to play louder and lower, but are typically larger in physical size. Sealed enclosures produce tighter, punchy bass, and are typically smaller, but usually do not play as low as vented boxes. Many if not most subwoofers can function in both depending on the sound you desire.

Selecting the Best Subwoofers

Subwoofers can enable you to enjoy excellent sound quality while driving, and allow you to fully experience your music. You should know that the deep tones of whatever type of music you enjoy are just as important as the high tones. Unfortunately, many factory car systems tend to overemphasize the high frequencies and forget the bottom end of the sound spectrum. Regardless of the music you like, nice depth and full sound provide a well-balanced and an overall more enjoyable listening experience.

This is why subwoofers are so important for your car sound system. The best car subwoofers can compensate for the weak low frequencies your 2-way and 3-way internal speakers produce, easing the burden they incur when trying producing bass. The subwoofer should complement the rest of your car audio system to provide nice and tight lower frequencies and tones.

If you’re just getting started with subwoofers, you may be confused by which one is right for your car. That is why Audio Express is here to guide you through the process. We sell and install car subwoofers for your vehicle. Also, our car subwoofers for sale will add quality bass to your vehicle and complete its overall sound.

Why do you need a subwoofer?

Better sound quality

A subwoofer completes your vehicle’s stereo sound and offers an overall pleasant listening experience. Indeed, listening to music while driving can turn a long road trip into a pleasurable adventure. However, the factory sound systems in most cars are just not built for superior quality and attention to detail. They tend to miss many different tones, notes, and beats that can bring any song to life.

By installing a car subwoofer, you can significantly improve the audio quality of your vehicle. Your songs will sound better, and your driving experience will be much more fun. More durable sound system

Top car subwoofers also make your sound system more durable. By having the proper speaker, reproducing the proper frequencies, you take a lot of the burden off your door speakers, allowing them a much longer life and better clarity.

If you don’t have a subwoofer, your door speakers are forced to try and reproduce frequencies they really aren't designed for, and the overall sound quality and volume of the system will be much lower, as well as more distorted, resulting in premature speaker failure.


If you like your car flashy or upgraded, subwoofers are the way to go. They allow you to customize your vehicle in many different ways; from adding lighting to the subs themselves to setting customized audio options for the entire car sound system. It is, therefore, no surprise that most people who customize their cars start off by adding subwoofers.

Tips for selecting the right subwoofer

It is important to select the right type of subwoofer that will fit well with your vehicle and provide a clean, thumping bass. Consider the following factors:


Size is one of the most important factors you should consider. Larger subwoofers produce a deeper sound and better bass. If you only need a slight boost to your current sound system, or enjoy nice, tight bass, smaller subs of about 8-10 inches will get the job done. If you enjoy deeper tones and chest-thumping bass, larger subs of 12-15 inches may be the best choice for you.

Power output

Subs also differ in how much power the can produce. Powerful subs can pump out deeper bass despite their smaller size. Therefore, pay attention to RMS ratings as opposed to peak power ratings. The RMS is a measure of the continuous power that the subs can put out. This will determine how your audio system will sound over a continuous amount of time, and make sure your amplifier and subwoofer power rating are matched.

Enclosure type

The type of enclosure will also determine how the subwoofers sound. Make sure you select an enclosure designed for your speaker. Both sealed and ported boxes offer different advantages. Sealed provides a tighter, more accurate bass, while ported/vented gives you a louder, lower tone and volume.

Subwoofer brands you should consider

To get the best sound system for a car, you also need to consider the brand of subwoofers that you’re installing. Some of the most reliable and quality brands include:


Kenwood has long been a reliable and high-quality car audio and subwoofer brand. With speakers from 8-12 inches, they offer subs that are powerful, slim in design and portable to fit many different cars.

Kicker Audio

For those who want crisp, clean and deep bass, Kicker subs are a good choice. They have many choices and models that work well in both ported and sealed enclosures, and the speaker cone is made of a lightweight and convenient polypropene material. Surrounded by a solid polyurethane support, Kicker subs are built to last.

JL Audio

JL Audio is a leader in amplifiers and speakers, with a name that is known for sound quality and longevity. JL makes many different subs and amps, as well as amplified boxes that include everything you need, other than the wires, to add bass to any vehicle.

How Audio Express can Help

Factory and aftermarket stereos do not have the ability to push the power that subwoofers require, so an amplifier will be necessary as part of the installation. We offer a variety of amplifiers and all-in-one subwoofer options, so you can be sure that whatever your needs, we have it waiting for you.

If you need car subwoofers for sale or top car subwoofer brands, look no further than Audio Express. We have been experts of sound since 1974, and we can fit your vehicle with the right audio systems that will make driving an enjoyable-experience. If you’re looking for the best sound system for a car, contact us today.

Don’t forget you can buy subwoofers here and have them installed at one of our convenient locations!