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JL Audio Stealthbox

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JL Audio Stealthbox

JL Audio Stealthboxes

A Vehicle-specific JL Audio stealthbox solves the nagging problem of a high-end vehicle without high-end sound. You know you’re missing bass, but you don’t want to eat up all your luggage space with a clunky square box. And you definitely don’t want to start carving into your vehicle’s interior. So it’s time for a visit to Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and explore another option with a quality stealthbox enclosure.

The JL Audio Stealthbox system solves the bass problem for owners of BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Fiat, Jeep, Lincoln, Porsche, and many more makes. There are also vehicle-specific solutions for most popular truck models. The trick is using available space in locations where you won’t miss it — along the walls of the trunk, behind seats, in consoles.

JL Audio’s engineers do extensive testing to maximize performance and minimize intrusion into usable space. When the answer is apparent, an enclosure is designed to blend with the lines of the vehicle so as to virtually disappear. A perfect match of fabric and finish assures a seamless visual integration. Then the perfect JL Audio subwoofer is selected to bring high-end sound to your vehicle.

Add it all up and a JL Audio Stealthbox gives you, literally, a custom-made solution for your sound upgrade. Most times, there is nothing taking up usable trunk space, and if there is, it is the absolute minimum. No patchwork installation, and no compromise to the look of your vehicle when you utilize a JL Audio Stealthbox option.

The experienced professionals at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound will be happy to show you the options for your vehicle. Then you can take the next step and add a JL Audio stealthbox bass enclosure to enhance your listening pleasure.

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