Kenwood P-W121B Bass Package

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Kenwood P-W121B Bass Package

The Kenwood P-W121B bass package is especially for buyers who are seeking a way to add some bump to their factory car stereo. From the moment it arrived, this audio system that has become very popular at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. A massive 12 inch subwoofer is mounted in a sealed bass enclosure and paired with a flexible 2 channel amp. The result is a way of adding bass to a factory system with confidence that your components will work together and provide years of reliable performance. Everyone knows Kenwood subwoofers are workhorses, and the one in this bass box is no exception. It is built to handle 1200 watts peak power while putting out sound down to 40 Hz with a rugged injection PP cone. The specially designed bass enclosure is compact without sacrificing sound quality. It is just under 22 inches wide, 13-3/8 inches tall and 7-1/3 inches deep. You know it’s right for the woofer inside, because the same engineers designed both the subwoofer and the bass enclosure. The 2 channel amplifier is a proven warrior. There is plenty of power to make this subwoofer perform.  Get all the bass you want and use the low pass filter to work keeping the sound clean. Engineering the package with the amp outside the box gives you much more flexibility in placement. It can mean a shorter power run to the amplifier, which means less chance of interference. If you’ve been telling yourself you need to add bass to your factory car audio, this is definitely one to listen to at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. The Kenwood P-W121B is an awesome way to get quality bass at an affordable price.

More Information
RMS Power 300 watts RMS
Ohm 4 ohm
Frequency Response frequency response: 40-300 Hz
Dimensions Dimension(W x H x D): 21-9/10" x 7-1/3" x 13-3/8"
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