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Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

Loaded Subwoofer enclosures

Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

loaded subwoofer enclosures

Our loaded subwoofer enclosures come in all different sizes and price ranges, and fit any vehicle from regular and crew cab trucks, to old cars with huge trunks and everything in between.

Everyone knows that if your want great sound you need a quality subwoofer and amplifier, but many people overlook how important the box can be. We offer many of our bass speakers in a factory tuned Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures. These combinations were built and tuned by the manufacturer, so you know you are getting a box custom built for your subwoofers, not something that may not match up correctly. When the factory builds these enclosures, they make sure that the air space is correct for the woofer and that the tuning frequency, if the box is ported, is tuned correctly. A vented box that is not tuned correctly for the sub will result in blown woofers and poor sound, like bottoming out and distortion.

The woofer can wear out very quickly and cause warranty headaches that no customer wants to deal with. We have loaded enclosures from all the top manufacturers like Alpine, JL Audio, Kicker, JBL and more! These boxes also have a custom upgraded look with higher quality carpet and stitched logo’s, plus many come with protective grills to keep your woofers from being damaged when things may shift in your trunk. Best of all, you know these boxes are spec’d out for the subs that are in them, and you’ll get great sound for years to come.

Stop by any of our locations and one of our car audio installation specialists will show you which of our loaded subwoofer enclosures is right for you.

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