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Unloaded Subwoofer Boxes


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Unloaded Subwoofer Boxes

Unloaded Subwoofer Boxes

While most people don’t realize how important a custom subwoofer box is, we are well aware and here to inform. Far too often customers come in believing they can simply use an old speaker box to install their subs. The problem is that each box must be engineered for that level of subwoofer to not undermine the acoustic performance of your subs. Even if you purchase quality sound equipment if you place them in a subpar enclosure you will lose much of the sound quality you paid for.

Here at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound we believe in sacrificing nothing. We work to ensure you leave with the best possible sound, receiving exactly what you are looking for. We offer a wide variety of enclosures that are professionally constructed to fit your sound system and your vehicle. So call or stop by your local store, and one of our factory trained car audio installation technicians will help you find the right sub box for your subwoofer system.

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