VS41 intelligent four-camera switcher

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VS41 intelligent four-camera switcher

The VS41 intelligent four-camera switcher by PAC provides the latest in new-car technology for any vehicle, regardless of age or make. Buyers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound love the safety and assurance provided by this compact interface. It is built to work with any in-dash video that has camera input, as well as rear-view mirrors with built-in screens or stand-alone monitors. It provides a complete integrated safety solution for drivers by allowing a front, left/right, and reverse cameras to be integrated into a single display. Shifting the vehicle into reverse brings the input from the rear camera onto the monitor. This eliminates one of the most common causes of accidents, according to insurance researchers: vehicles backing up in parking lots. If that’s all this interface did, it would be valuable, but there is a lot more. When the left or right turn signals are activated by the driver, it automatically selects the signal from a side-mounted camera so the driver has a clear, uninterrupted view of the side blind spot. Drivers of vehicles of any size will gain confidence and feel safer while changing lanes knowing that blind spots are now visible on the display. In the event the driver is backing up with the turn signal on, the rear camera is automatically selected. A forward-facing camera can also be selected for vehicles that have large blind spots directly in front. Check out all that this interface can do for you when you visit Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound for a demonstration. Tell the professionals you want to add safety cameras connected to the PAC VS41 intelligent four-camera switcher.

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