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No foolin’! The package price is just $179.99.

Bass Package

Here is a system for any bass lover at an amazing low price.

Two W12S4 Subwoofers

These 12-inch subwoofers are engineered with the efficiency to run on 250 watts RMS power. An optimized magnet circuit allows more focused magnetism in the gap, which results in improved efficiency. This means Alpine subwoofers have tighter bass control and more output! The polypropylene and mica cone with poly-foam surround assures accurate reproduction and years of trouble-free service.  With 750 watts peak power handling you need never worry about overloading these beauties.

1500-watt Amplifier

This monoblock amplifier is the top of the power pyramid in the Elite line. The class A/B MOSFET monster pumps out 1500 watts peak power in one channel, enough to keep your subs working at full power all day – or night ‑ long. To tame that massive power supply, there are variable high- and low-pass crossovers and a switchable bass boost. A wired subwoofer control lets you adjust the sound from the driver’s seat. How about quality construction? The manufacturer covers this unit with its five-year Elite warranty.

No foolin’! The package price is just $179.99.

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