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This week’s low package price for the complete system is just $349.99.

Driver Safety Package


Drivers who love having a big screen to view their eafety features will love the The Jensen CMR2629. The new graphic interface on the 6.2-inch touch-screen display makes it easy to navigate the many features. Of course there’s an AM/FM tuner. With Bluetooth interface, you get hands-free calling and control of your streaming music files right from the dash. The front USB input will charge your device while you’re enjoying the music from FLAC or MP3 files. There’s a microSD card input for even more options. What this head unit doesn’t have is a CD/DVD player, which holds down the expense and size of the unit. If sound quality matters to you, you’ll love the 7-band equalizer and loudness controls.


The Jensen BUCAM200J rear view camera’s flexible install options have made it a favorite with many buyers.  The low-profile design makes it perfect for surface mounting, meaning the least possible intrusion into the vital metal parts of your vehicle. Once mounted, the camera interfaces with virtually any in-dash video deck, or it can be used with a free-standing monitor or be routed to a mirror with a built-in monitor. The 170-degree wide-angle viewing element means you see more of what’s behind you, adding to your safety. Switch the parking back-up lane display on or off to suit your needs. The low-LUX sensor provides better night vision and the IP67 rating means the unit is built to stand up to the elements for years to come.


EchoMaster built the PCAM-BS1N blind spot camera so drivers can see those unavoidable “blind spots,” that are present on any vehicle. The blind spot cameras mount to side mirrors to improve visibility and reduce the risk of collisions and other accidents, especially when changing lanes. This camera system operates at 0.1 LUX, using a ¼-inch complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, known for consuming minimal power. For extra durability, it’s IP67 rated for water and debris resistance. This rating means it is completely protected against dust intrusion, and can withstand water immersion up to one meter.


The VS41 intelligent four-camera switcher by PAC provides the latest in new-car technology for any vehicle, regardless of age or make. It provides a complete integrated safety solution for drivers by allowing front, left/right, and reverse cameras to be integrated into a single display. Shifting the vehicle into reverse brings the input from the rear camera onto the monitor. When the left- or right-turn signals are activated, it automatically selects the signal from a side-mounted camera so the driver has a clear, uninterrupted view of the side blind spot.

This week’s low package price for the complete system is just $349.99.

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