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Audio Express Must-Have Car Accessories 2017

Five Must Have Car Accessories for 2017

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On July 28, 2017
  • accessories, Audio Express, backup camera, camera, dash camera, dashcam, touch screen
If you’re looking for 2017’s must-have automotive technologies, Audio Express is the place to go. We have everything from car audio receivers with the latest technologies to the best safety and convenience gadgets. Here are five must-haves for 2017. Touchscreen Display Avoid the frustration of locating a small, barely illuminated button by upgrading to one of our many receivers with touchscreen display. With the Kenwood DDX-394-Sat receiver you get the advantage of a 6.2-inch touchscreen display along with dual phone Bluetooth connectivity and the satellite radio tuner included. If you’re looking for something with a smaller in-dash footprint, then the Jensen VX3014 Single Din Touchscreen Stereo is one of many options we carry with a motorized touchscreen that slides out to reveal a 7-inch touchscreen and access to all of your receiver technologies and apps like Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM. Subwoofers If your stereo isn’t giving you the bass you desire, maybe it’s time to add a subwoofer or two. The Kicker 43CWRT122 12 Inch Comp Subwoofer is designed to conveniently fit any vehicle and pump 500 watts of sound, giving you the hard-hitting bass you want. Back-Up Camera If you’re tired of not knowing what’s behind you as you back out of the driveway, a back-up camera is just the tool you need. Easily able to send video to your touchscreen display, rearview mirror or even a stand-alone monitor, a back-up camera will provide you with peace of mind, knowing you can see the world behind your vehicle as you’re backing out or into a parking spot. Remote Start Get into your car comfortably in the blistering heat of summer or bitter cold of winter with remote start. With the ability to start your car from the comfort of your home or office, your car will be the perfect temperature when you are ready to get in. Dash Camera Whether you want to document your drive on a scenic highway or capture your rough off-road experience, a dash camera will record video of every trip without the bouncy motion-sickness-inducing quality of your passenger’s cell phone recording. You can also protect yourself from fraud and higher insurance rates with a DVR dash cam. While witnesses of a car accident can have different stories, a dash camera will always tell the truth. Audio Express For more information, stop by one of our many conveniently located Audio Express locations and talk to one of our car audio professionals. If you don’t have time to come by, but still want answers, feel free to Ask Lui. While you’re there, check out our weekly specials. And remember, at Audio Express, we offer the lowest install prices around. Don’t forget to check out our amazing financing options.
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Audio Express PAC VS41 Blind Spot Camera

The Must-Have Car Safety Feature You Didn’t Know Existed

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On June 16, 2017
  • audio, Audio Express, blind spot, camera, display, safety, video, visual
Backup cameras for cars have become the latest car safety feature to have reached a point where they’re easily installed on an aftermarket basis, and could reach the point where they become as much of a necessity as seat belts did 50 years ago. But what about the future – where does technology go from here? Panoramic Views Already, manufacturers have started putting cameras in other spots for use in specific situations. Honda, for example, has been equipping its more recent Civic sedans with a “right turn camera,” which activates when the driver turns on the turn signal and shows the driver if the way is clear or not. If you come see an aftermarket specialist TODAY, you can have a system where cameras are present on all four sides of the car, allowing safe lane changing and complete blind spot detection. A Scanner Darkly The VS41 4-Camera Switcher from PAC Audio goes beyond a mere car backup camera controller to allow for cameras on every side of the car. With a camera on each area of the vehicle, it becomes possible for a driver to be aware of what is in close proximity of the vehicle at all times. The possible scenarios that could be avoided are staggering. Eyes Up As the recent tragic example of ex-NFL player Todd Heap demonstrated, there are circumstances where driver visibility along a certain axis is limited. The whole concept of “blind spots” has been around for a while, but most us tend to assume that they’re only on the sides, when in fact they’ve always been in the front and rear of the vehicle as well. Trucks and SUVs are notoriously bad about forward visibility within a certain range, and often to the rear as well. With a vehicle equipped with a VS41 and coverage with car cameras on all four sides, the tragedy experienced by the Heap family could very well be avoided. Cover the Flanks It’s not just forward and rear visibility that can be improved with the VS41. It also duplicates the functionality mentioned earlier in Honda’s “right turn cam” and places it on the left hand side as well. The ability to more clearly see cars coming up fast from the sides, as well as detecting cars that are hanging out in blind spots, can only serve to reduce potential collisions and improve road safety. Audio Express Audio Express isn’t just a place to get speakers and stereo gear. It’s also the place to improve other elements of a vehicle’s electronics, particularly ones that keep drivers and passengers safe.  We install vehicle safety components on a daily basis, so we are very experienced in what works best for you and your vehicle. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how to make the next trip on the road a little less dangerous.
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