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Audio Express Protect Your Car From Theft

Is Your City a Hot Bed For Car Theft? Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On July 5, 2017
  • anti-theft, Audio Express, car alarm, grand theft auto, keyless entry, theft
It seems car theft is on the rise again, and according to an article by U.S. News last December, Albuquerque now has the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of car theft. Check out the article to see if your city is in the top 10. Either way, it’s a good idea to protect your car from theft no matter where you live. Car theft is as likely in Manchester, MO, as in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your car. Inconvenience Most car thieves are looking for a quick and easy car to steal. If it looks like your car will take too long to steal, they’ll often move on. When parked, leave all windows closed and your doors locked. Never leave your car running when unattended. Also, never leave your keys in the car. Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas where thieves don’t want to be seen. Install an Anti-Theft System There are a variety of anti-theft systems available on the market today, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Cheap and simple: The Club and similar devices are a visible deterrent to car thieves, and marketed by claiming it will take some work to get your vehicle moving. Unfortunately, these devices are very easy to bypass. Highly technical: Another option is a hidden kill switch that blocks power to your starter. Unfortunately, while this is highly effective, it is expensive to have professionally done versus buying a good alarm system, and you don’t get any convenience features like keyless entry or remote start. If done wrong as a DIY project, it can lead to potential expensive repairs. Technical and efficient: The best route to go for protecting your vehicle is a quality alarm system. A system like the Viper Alarm 5305V is a great choice because of all of the features and options. The Failsafe Starter Kill, for example, works much like a kill switch, but instead of being controlled by a hidden switch, it’s automatically activated when your alarm is activated. The Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor will trigger a warning tone on a light bump to the vehicle, and a full alarm with a heavy bump. And, the 5305V will allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle, PLUS start it with the push of a button. Another great feature you can add to this system is the Viper SmartStart module, which gives you access to your car’s alarm system through your smart phone. Upgrade to the Viper SmartStart module with GPS and you can keep track of your vehicle’s location. False Sense of Security: Don’t be fooled! Many times, people mistake their factory convenience system for a security system, because it honks the horn. Most of these systems have no shock sensor, meaning your vehicle is wide open to content theft. Anyone passing by, can easily break a window, and steal your radio, laptop, or anything else left in your vehicle while you’re away. Audio Express Stop by any of our Audio Express stores and consult one our Car Audio Professionals for information on our low install rates. And if you have any questions, just Ask Lui.
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Audio Express Keyless Entry

Five Things You Need to Know about Keyless Entry

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On July 3, 2017
  • alarm, anti-theft, Audio Express, keyless entry, theft deterrent, vehicle security
A keyless entry convenience system makes it possible for you to get in and go without having to fumble for your keys. Simple to operate and convenient to use, they come in handy when you are heading to work on a cold winter’s day or trying to beat the heat beneath the blazing summer sun, all with your hands full of groceries. Once considered exclusive accessories for luxury vehicles, keyless entry systems and keyless autostart ignition systems are becoming features that motorists everywhere are installing on their vehicles. 1. RF – Radio Frequency is the Key A keyless entry remote works by sending a radio signal from the remote to a receiver within the vehicle. When the control module receives the right signal from this active RFID system, it unlocks the door. Typically, the range of these receivers is between five and 10 feet on a factory system, but many of today’s aftermarket systems can reach much farther. 2. Keyless Entry Remote Start is Not the Same as Keyless Entry Keyless entry systems are different than keyless autostart ignition systems. One locks and unlocks the doors only, while the other can both unlock the vehicle as well as start the vehicle with the push of a button. A keyless remote start consists of the main module installed in the dash within the vehicle, and sends the signal to the cars computer to tell it to start the ignition system when the correct button is pushed. 3. Viper Alarms Work with Your Smartphone Viper car alarms and Viper SmartStart entry systems can be controlled from your smartphone with the appropriate module. This type of system allows you to warm up the car, cool down the interior, or arm or disarm the security system regardless of how far away the vehicle is parked, since everything is controlled right thru your smartphone. If you have data service, you can activate these features as necessary. Should someone with bad intentions manage to defeat the security system and gain entry to your vehicle, the Viper will sink its teeth into them and send a GPS signal out to track the vehicle if equipped with the Viper VSM350 system. This makes it easy to notify law enforcement and convey the precise location, direction and speed to the nearest squad car, all while being tracked right from your smartphone. 4. Keyless Entry Can Be Added to Any Car Keyless entry systems can be installed on practically any make or model. Whether you have a Toyota, Honda, Kia, Ford, Chevy, etc., installation is a straightforward process that takes just a few hours. It can even be installed on “classic” cars that were manufactured way back when keyless entry was a dream of science fiction novels. If your vehicle does not have factory power locks, aftermarket actuators can be added to allow a keyless entry system to function in vintage vehicles. 5. Alarms Deter Theft, including what’s Inside the Vehicle, but Most Factory Systems are Not Alarms Many people confuse a factory keyless entry system with a security system, since they hear the horn honk. Many of these factory systems DO NOT include any type of shock sensor, meaning a thief can easily smash a window and steal valuables inside the car, all without any sound from your vehicle. Adding a solid alarm system will notify any would be thief there is an alarm via the flashing LED light, and to stay away from your vehicle. Don’t fall for a false sense of security, make sure you have a real alarm protecting your valuables and vehicle. Audio Express We invite you to contact the nearest Audio Express to learn more about the keyless entry systems we offer and the installation process required for your vehicle. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right system for your lifestyle.
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Audio Express Remote Start Systems

What You Need to Know about Remote Start

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On June 27, 2017
  • Audio Express, auto start, automatic start, key fob, keyless entry, remote start, summer, winter
Practically everyone knows what remote starters are, but not everyone knows how they work or what they should look for when selecting one for their automobile. At Audio Express, our professional installation team can help answer these five most frequently asked questions about remote starters and help you select the right car remote start installation for your needs and lifestyle. Automatic Start for a Car Won’t Void the Warranty Installing a remote start on your vehicle won’t void your vehicle’s warranty… but it may save money on your insurance premium if equipped with an alarm. Check with your insurance company to find out more. Pros Can Handle the Installation Quickly Car remote start installation doesn’t take long to complete. In most cases, a few hours is all it takes to install, test, and put the finishing touches on, giving you years of convenience and enjoyment. Many Systems Can Be Coupled with the Factory Fob Many consumers worry they will have to give up their key or change their fob when they install a car remote start. This used to be the case “back in the old days,” but times have moved forward and many fobs and keys can be easily coupled with remote starter systems, and in some vehicles you can control an aftermarket auto-start directly from your factory key fob. Car Remote Starters Work in All Weather Conditions Modern car remote start systems are very reliable. No rain, sleet, hail, snow, dust, heat, or swarms of locusts can stop a Viper or Code remote start from doing the job of starting the car. Quality Counts When it Comes to Remote Car Starters The higher the quality of the remote starter, the greater the range and the more reliable the device will be. Viper and Code Alarm offer remote start systems in all different price ranges, with a great selection of features. From a range of a couple hundred feet, up to a mile or more, remote start has become an affordable upgrade. There’s even 2-way systems available that will give you an alert confirmation that your vehicle has started. With a wide selection at all different price points, they are well worth the investment. Tips for  Selecting the Right Car Remote Start It is important to select a remote starter with sufficient range for your needs. Typically, 500 feet is more than sufficient; but range can be adversely affected by buildings, trees, and stray radio frequencies, so we would always suggest going with the maximum range available. Also, having a 2-way confirming system helps, by letting you know your system did receive the signal sent from the remote. It is also a good idea to select a system that has the functions you would benefit from having, i.e. systems that can also control the rear window defrost, heated seats, trunk, hood, etc. Finally, be sure to have the system installed at by an authorized dealer. This can help ensure a higher quality installation, plus gives you a warranty thru the manufacturer that cover you if something goes wrong. And, you know exactly where to take it if any issues ever arise, and know they are certified to work on your system. Audio Express The team at Audio Express has the technical skills and installation experience you can depend on. With locations throughout the region, we are never more than a short drive away. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the remote starters we offer and the guarantees we offer on our products and installation services.
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