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UTV Sound Sytems at Audio Express

What You Need to Know about UTVs and Sound Systems for Them

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On October 12, 2017
  • Audio Express, bad boy off-road, off-road, offroad, polaris, side-by-side, sound system, utv, yamaha
What’s the best type of vehicle to use when hunting? Mudding? Off-roading? For many active outdoor enthusiasts, the answer to all three increasingly is a utility task vehicle (UTV). All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are typically meant for a single rider, which gives them an advantage when it comes to getting through narrow places on a trail, but that’s about where their advantages end. Because they are so small, they are less balanced. They also make for a less-comfortable ride and have a limited ability to haul anything. That means for hunting, hauling, or hitting the trail with a friend or two, you’re ready for a UTV. The increased room for riders and gear makes them a perfect option for a day of work or play. When you add a great sound system, that makes your day of work or play that much more fun! Let’s take a look at some UTV options as well as some great sound systems for them. Three UTV Options Yamaha Wolverine Standard: This is a value UTV. It starts at only $10,999, which makes it hard to find a better deal anywhere else, especially for a brand like Yamaha.  Bad Boy Off-Road Stampede 900 EPS: Bad Boy offers a lot of unique features with this model, such as gun boots, bow holders and an extended cab. They even put a two-year warranty on it. It starts at $14,449. Polaris General 1000 EPS Deluxe: Polaris offers an all-wheel drive system that allows this vehicle to go just about anywhere, and the towing capacity is premium. It starts at $15,999.  Now it’s Time to Upgrade the Sound in Your UTV No matter which model of UTV you purchase, it’s time to think about a sound system for it, just like you would with your car. Great audio is important when it comes to the needed bass and sound quality to help fuel your adrenaline on your adventures. Whether you have a Polaris or another UTV, Kicker’s UTV audio package is an excellent choice. Audio Express’ selection of UTV related speakers, amps, and subwoofers allow you to bring your music with you through virtually any terrain. With a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice sound or performance, you can fit them in your ride while they counter extreme vibration and handle extreme power. For example, Kicker’s CompRT Subwoofer, can handle those rough and rugged rides in the elements and still deliver big bass sound. Where to Buy Audio Equipment for Your UTV You can find Kicker products, as well as those of other great brands, at Audio Express online. Better yet, come see us in person today. Our certified professionals will help you create your perfect plan for adding top-of-the-line audio to your UTV. We’ve got other great accessory options for UTVs too, including LED light bars and cubes to give you better vision for night riding. We can even add rear-view and side-view cameras for better riding and rock crawling. Please contact us for more information.
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Mini Guide to LED Lightbars and Headlights – Creating a Safer Driving Experience

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On October 11, 2017
  • Audio Express, bright, diode, headlights, LED, light, lightbar, lights, off-rad, offroad, truck
Automotive audio companies specialize in adding technology to your vehicle, so it may come as no surprise that we at Audio Express can add other features to your car as well. After reading tips for safe driving, our customers often approach us about LED car headlights, LED driving lights or adding an LED light bar. Benefits of LED Lighting LED lighting is an attractive option because it is safer, less expensive and more reliable than traditional bulbs. Without the filaments and other harmful components of traditional bulbs, LED lights can last longer without malfunctioning, and they don’t emit any potentially harmful chemicals. Their boosted efficiency means they can create more light while generating less heat. This is better for the environment and wastes less energy from the car. The performance of the new lighting technology is unparalleled. While old-fashioned bulbs can only cast beams straight forward, LED lights may provide any number of various patterns. The luminosity is brighter and more penetrating, allowing drivers to see further and increasing visibility in poor conditions. The more brilliant light pierces rain and snow. LED Car Headlights The stock headlights in your vehicle can be converted to LED lights at very little cost. The small cost of conversion is recuperated in no time because LED lights are so much less likely to malfunction and need replacement. Because these replace the manufacturer’s headlights, there are really no added parts to maintain on the vehicle. LED Light Bar There are two primary kinds of light patterns to select when choosing a bar: spot or flood. Spot lighting is perfect for illuminating a road far into the distance. Flood lighting is great for an off-road LED light bar. Flood pattern light bars light up a wide field of view, allowing vision on all sides. It is possible to find light bars that offer both spot and flood lighting, and there are even curved models. All of these come with the advantages of LED lighting over traditional bulbs. LED Driving Lights Driving lights are an ideal solution for some customers. These round clusters of LED lights can be clamped onto the exterior of a vehicle, making for a minimally invasive installation. The effect is that of affixing a spotlight to your ride for a more penetrating glow. Audio Express There is no doubt that LED lights are a large technological step forward. Despite being more functional than old bulbs, they are also more cost-effective. They use less energy, last longer and, most importantly, they create a safer driving experience. There are many options for upgrading your vehicle to LED lighting. Talk to a certified technician at Audio Express to find the right one for you.
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