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Audio Express Steering Wheel Controls

Buying Guide: Why Do I Need a Steering Wheel Control Interface?

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On July 3, 2017
  • audio controls, Audio Express, safety, steering wheel
A steering wheel control interface isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of car audio. However, having one in your car can make a big difference in both safety and convenience. What was once an exclusive addition to luxury automobiles, steering wheel control adapters make it possible to add these controls to practically any automobile. A New Stereo Requires a New Adapter If you are taking advantage of one of our fantastic sales and upgrading your automobile’s factory installed stereo system, you are going to need to install a new steering wheel radio control adapter if your car has this feature. If you don’t, then the existing controls won’t control the stereo functions in your new aftermarket unit. A steering wheel control adapter connects the controls to the stereo so that you can control the new stereo the same way that you controlled the old one. Steering Control Interface Improves Safety Changing the radio station and adjusting the volume are some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents. A steering wheel control interface all but eliminates this potentially dangerous distraction because there is never a need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Choosing the Right Steering Wheel Control Interface There is no one size fits all solution in this regard, so it is important to choose the device that works best with your vehicle, stereo, and speakers. At Audio Express, the Axxess AX-AESW steering wheel control interface is one of our most popular options because it is easy to install, easy to program, and fits practically any Metra harness. However, this steering wheel audio control interface won’t work for every system and every vehicle. Some older vehicles and those that use analog systems may require something more like the PAC SWI-RC or the PAC SWI-CP5. It all boils down to the design of the head unit and whether it’s designed to accept a universal adapter or not.  Professional Installation is Highly Recommended Installing a steering wheel control interface requires skill and patience to complete. Because the installation involves programming and potential interactions with other controls, airbags, etc., it is not something that should be attempted at home in the garage. Leave it to the experienced professionals at Audio Express. Audio Express At Audio Express, our trained technicians will use their expertise, technical charts, and every customized tool in our arsenal to help you select and install the right adapter for your stereo. This will ensure the highest degree of functionality and reliability as you take the car for a spin and put the stereo through its paces. We invite you to contact the nearest Audio Express to discuss which steering wheel control adapter would be best for your car and stereo system.  
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Audio Express PAC VS41 Blind Spot Camera

The Must-Have Car Safety Feature You Didn’t Know Existed

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On June 16, 2017
  • audio, Audio Express, blind spot, camera, display, safety, video, visual
Backup cameras for cars have become the latest car safety feature to have reached a point where they’re easily installed on an aftermarket basis, and could reach the point where they become as much of a necessity as seat belts did 50 years ago. But what about the future – where does technology go from here? Panoramic Views Already, manufacturers have started putting cameras in other spots for use in specific situations. Honda, for example, has been equipping its more recent Civic sedans with a “right turn camera,” which activates when the driver turns on the turn signal and shows the driver if the way is clear or not. If you come see an aftermarket specialist TODAY, you can have a system where cameras are present on all four sides of the car, allowing safe lane changing and complete blind spot detection. A Scanner Darkly The VS41 4-Camera Switcher from PAC Audio goes beyond a mere car backup camera controller to allow for cameras on every side of the car. With a camera on each area of the vehicle, it becomes possible for a driver to be aware of what is in close proximity of the vehicle at all times. The possible scenarios that could be avoided are staggering. Eyes Up As the recent tragic example of ex-NFL player Todd Heap demonstrated, there are circumstances where driver visibility along a certain axis is limited. The whole concept of “blind spots” has been around for a while, but most us tend to assume that they’re only on the sides, when in fact they’ve always been in the front and rear of the vehicle as well. Trucks and SUVs are notoriously bad about forward visibility within a certain range, and often to the rear as well. With a vehicle equipped with a VS41 and coverage with car cameras on all four sides, the tragedy experienced by the Heap family could very well be avoided. Cover the Flanks It’s not just forward and rear visibility that can be improved with the VS41. It also duplicates the functionality mentioned earlier in Honda’s “right turn cam” and places it on the left hand side as well. The ability to more clearly see cars coming up fast from the sides, as well as detecting cars that are hanging out in blind spots, can only serve to reduce potential collisions and improve road safety. Audio Express Audio Express isn’t just a place to get speakers and stereo gear. It’s also the place to improve other elements of a vehicle’s electronics, particularly ones that keep drivers and passengers safe.  We install vehicle safety components on a daily basis, so we are very experienced in what works best for you and your vehicle. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how to make the next trip on the road a little less dangerous.
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