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OEM stereo upgrades at Audio Express

OEM Stereo Integration

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On September 25, 2017
  • Audio Express, factory, OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, sound quality, stereo, upgrades
If you’re interested in improving your car’s sound system but don’t necessarily want the look of an aftermarket system, you should consider the available car audio OEM integration. OEM Integration allows you to keep your car’s original factory stereo while producing much improved sound quality and volume. What Is An OEM Upgrade? Now, you might be asking what exactly OEM integration is, and that’s a fair question. OEM integration is a selection of upgrades for your car stereo that either work with your factory stereo, or replace your factory stereo with an aftermarket stereo. Some aftermarket stereos should have that look very similar to the factory unit, but provides more features and power. Or OEM integration could consist of sound processors that allow for the ability to install a subwoofer, or a JL stealthbox that fits perfectly into your vehicle while using the smallest amount of space possible. OEM Options OEM audio integration allows you to add a subwoofer to your vehicle without losing valuable trunk space. These subwoofers are custom designed to give you the bump and thump you want out of your sound system while fitting into a precise section of your vehicle. With an addition to your system like a Kicker VSS (vehicle specific system) or JL Stealthbox, you can improve your sound without a huge box to hold your subwoofers taking up trunk space. OEM signal processors are a car audio interface adapter that allows you to keep your factory stereo, while providing quality sound signal output to your amplifiers above and beyond what the factory or even aftermarket stereos provide, improving the sound of your speakers, or allowing you to add additional subwoofers to get the best bass out of your system. OEM keyfobs can also control an aftermarket remote start system, allowing you to start your car to heat it up or cool it down, all from your factory key fob. Many of today’s vehicles have the fob built right into the key, so this allows you the convenience of an autostart system without having to carry a second remote. Many of today’s newer vehicles also come with a screen, but no back up camera for safety installed. Adding the factory camera usually require you to upgrade the whole vehicle trim package, potentially costing you thousands of dollars for features you may not want or need, like leather seats or chrome trim. We can add an aftermarket back up cameras to many if not most factory screens in vehicles, with OEM interfaces from leading manufacturers like NavTV, AXXESS, and Echomaster. If you want to upgrade your factory stereo while keeping the factory look, there are a variety of options available. OEM video upgrades like the JVC El Kameleon KWV830BT use the same space as your factory system and appear like a factory unit, but add new technology like Apple Carplay or watching a DVD (which you should only do when your car is parked, by the way). Restyles Also available are “restyles”, from one of the leading manufacturers, Alpine, that replace your factory unit with an updated, vehicle specific, OEM looking system with a large, easy to see and use screen, that includes navigation, Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free calling, and aftermarket iPhone or Android car integration. These restyle options give your vehicle a beautiful, “better than factory” OEM look, while adding additional features to improve upon your car audio experience, all controlled thru a 9” or larger touchscreen. You can add amplifiers or an aftermarket backup camera to assist not only with quality sound but safety in your ride. The hottest Restyles fit perfect in newer Jeep Wranglers, GM trucks like the Silverado or Sierra, best-selling SUV’s like the Yukon and Tahoe, plus other trucks like the Dodge Ram or Toyota Tundra. So stop into one of our convenient Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound locations today to discuss what OEM upgrades are available for your car. If you don’t have time to stop in, feel free to contact us online for more information. And remember: We offer the lowest rates in town for aftermarket radio installation.
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Audio Express Upgrade Your car Truck Stereo

Expert Tips for Enhancing Your Car Stereo’s Sound Quality

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On June 7, 2017
  • acoustic, amp, amplifier, audio, car, sound quality, sound system, speakers, stereo, sub, subwoofer, truck
For some folks, a stock sound system in their car is something they can live with. For others, it’s barely a starting point. When you want to squeeze the maximum performance out of your car’s sound the same way another person might soup up the engine or suspension, there’s a number of ways to go about it. Overhaul the Speakers Unless you paid for a high-end options package and verified that the speakers that went into it really were the best car audio speakers the manufacturer had to offer, replacing the factory-installed speakers is a big step with big payoffs in sound performance. This goes for both regular speakers and subwoofers. Also, factory speakers tend to be made of poor quality materials, even the high end ones. Aftermarket products hold up to our harsh environment much better, since they tend to be made from better materials. Acoustic Insulation Even in modern cars, engine and road noise can impact the ultimate output of your sound system. Installing insulating, sound deadening material in the doors, floorboards and engine compartment can help manage these noise sources and add to your acoustic experience. Add an Amplifier Stock amps might have impressive-sounding numbers, but they may not be the best amps out there. Raw power is only part of the equation, and replacing the stock amp with one that has better control of its power, and more adjustment, is a good idea. Set Your Amp Correctly This is a corollary to the previous tip. Cranking everything to 11 on an aftermarket amp and calling it good is not what you want to do. Tuning the amp’s output may take some time, but it’s a step that will be well worth taking the time to do right. Bypass the DAC Smartphones have Digital-to-Analog Converters, which aren’t as good as dedicated high-end stereo components. Connecting wirelessly makes the phone do the work instead of your stereo, impacting car stereo sound quality. Instead, try running a USB cable from your mobile device to your stereo and hear the difference. Use Higher-Quality Media Files Media files have to balance file size and sound quality. If you want really good sound quality, the files will be bigger. Instead of MP3s or streaming services like Spotify, try FLAC or other lossless compression formats. Properly Enclose the Subwoofer Unless you like having all of your music sound like Hans Zimmer recorded it, putting your subwoofer into a box that is the right size and shape is important. Incorrectly sized or tuned enclosures adversely affects sound and longevity. Upgrade the Wiring If you’re going to the trouble of doing a total car speaker installation, it’s always worth it to replace the wires connecting the speakers as well. Good insulated lines help minimize signal loss. Combined with a capacitor or power cell to keep power flowing to the amplifiers, it can make for performance gains across the board. Audio Express If all else fails or you just want to leave the work to professionals, drop by Audio Express and let them give you some ideas about how to make your vehicle truly sing.
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