Time To Bring The Bass To Your Vehicle

Time To Bring The Bass To Your Vehicle This 2018

Most factory car audio systems contain substandard speakers that possess very little power. To enjoy a nice rich bass, you most likely need to carry out some modifications to your vehicle’s audio system. A crisp, clean bass makes music sound so much better and more enjoyable while driving.

At Audio Express, we have been adding quality and value to cars since 1974. We can equip your vehicle with the latest sound technology and highest quality audio systems. To turn those long quiet road trips into an exciting adventure, follow these tips to add bass to your vehicle.

Replace Factory Car Speakers

As previously mentioned, most factory car speakers are simply subpar, especially for those who are serious about sound. Replacing your factory speakers with more powerful 2-way or 3-way car speakers can make a big difference in audio quality.

It can be tricky to know which speakers are appropriate for your vehicle. That is why Audio Express is here to guide you through the process. We offer the best car speakers for sound quality, in all different price ranges, and we can recommend models that will make every drive enjoyable.

Add a Subwoofer

In addition to replacing the interior speakers, you need to add a subwoofer to enjoy a truly clear, clean bass. Subwoofers focus on the bottom end of your sound and can relieve the pressure that your internal speakers have to bear when producing bass. As a result, they balance the overall sound output and give your vehicle that boost it requires for those deep sound tones, plus help your current speaker last longer by not forcing them to work as hard.

When it comes to installing subwoofers, the options are limitless. Audio Express stocks the best bass car speakers and can guide you in selecting the right size, brand, and output for your vehicle.

Add a Deadening Material

Sounds from outside (such as other vehicles, noise from the road or vibrations) can drown even the best car sound systems. To solve this challenge, add a deadening material to strategic areas of the car such as doors and roofs. This deadens vibrations and provides a more pleasurable listening experience, and also makes a huge difference in sound quality, by keeping the metal the speaker is mounted to from vibrating and reducing the clarity.

Install an Amplifier

The amplifier is the device responsible for providing power to the speakers. A weak amplifier will cause your car sound system to underperform, and possibly cause premature failure in speakers. When you replace your factory set up with a more powerful amplifier, you can enjoy deeper bass and richer sound quality while driving. It is important to match your amplifier output with your subwoofers.

At Audio Express, we offer a live shopping experience where we enable our customers to try out various systems before they buy. This way, you can be sure your spending money on the best car-audio setup for sound-quality. Contact us today to access the best audio-systems available for your vehicle.

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