What’s That Sound? Mini Guide To Speaker Issues

Are your car stereo speakers not working the way you want them to? Maybe there is popping and crackling from one or more speaker, or maybe there is no sound coming from one, or you’re just not getting the volume or clarity you should be.
Let’s discuss how to troubleshoot speakers so you can get back to rocking out on your daily commute. There are several speaker issues that can lead to poor quality or no sound. Fixing your speakers can be a simple fix – or may require replacement or upgrade.


Audio Express Guide to Speaker Issues

A common problem, especially with speakers that weren’t professionally installed, are the wiring connections. A faulty connection can be anything from mismatched wiring to loose wiring and can cause intermittent loss of sound or low volume output. Checking the connection is the best first step when troubleshooting car speakers. Typically factory installed speakers have a plug that clips in, so if you have the stock speakers and no sound, always check the connection first, but most times it’s a sign your vehicle is ready for an upgrade.


Audio Express Guide to Speaker Issues

The next thing to check is the stereo’s grounding. If the ground wire is not properly connected to an unpainted solid metal point on the vehicle, the stereo will not be able to push sound to the speakers with any level of consistent power or quality. This can also cause the stereo to flicker, or turn on and off intermittently.


Audio Express Guide to Speaker Issues

If you aren’t getting the volume you desire out of your speakers, or the sound quality drops at higher volumes, your stereo may not be pushing enough power to your speakers to give you the clarity and sound you want. This is a standard issue with factory stereos, and can easily be fixed by upgrading your receiver or adding an amplifier in between the receiver and speakers. If you determine that this is the resolution you need, our trained Car Audio Professionals can help you find the perfect upgrade for your needs.

Blown Speakers

Audio Express Guide to Speaker Issues

The final thing to check for is a blown-out speaker, the most common cause of speakers failing. If a speaker has recently had a drop in volume output or produces a crackle, static or distortion when trying to produce sound, or no sound at all, it may be blown. This means the voice coil that creates the sound is damaged, due to excessive volume and heat, or time. When you turn on the car or stereo initially, there will usually be a small “pop” from the speaker causing the problem. This can also cause the stereo to go into “protect” mode and output no sound at all. This protects the radio from a blown or shorted speaker.

Sometimes you can tell by looking at the speaker. If there is damage in the cone, the foam surround has rotted away, or the speaker feels frozen when you gently push on the cone, it is blown and needs to be replaced. Most factory speakers are made from low quality materials, like thin paper cones and weak foam surrounds that dry-rot away after just a couple years in today’s harsh environments. Luckily, it’s straightforward to buy car speakers online thanks to our easy-to-navigate website, or check out one of our locations to hear the sound quality before you buy.

We’re Here to Help

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So stop by any one of our convenient Audio Express or Quality Auto Sound locations and talk to one of our car audio professionals about troubleshooting speaker problems in your car today. If you can’t make it into a store, then contact us through our website to help with any of your questions. Order from our selection of the best speakers online, and let us professionally install your new speakers to avoid any of the common issues with car speakers. Remember, we offer installation at the lowest rates available.

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