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Understanding Car Stereo System Profiles

Your car stereo system should be matched to the unique way in which you use it. Your car’s audio setup is the sum of its different components, so design yours to make sure it includes all the desired features. Before we get into creating a perfect match with your car stereo system, it’s important to think about different audio profiles.

Best Car Stereo Profiles

There’s a good chance your stereo’s equalizer has different profiles, which may even be named after different types of music. Some popular options have equalizer profiles for genres like rock, pop, jazz, and more. These profiles are designed to amplify the notes that are deemed most important to that specific type of music. Keeping the equalization flat plays the frequencies as recorded, but does not factor in your cars acoustics and does not boost any specific frequencies.

That said, some drivers like to emphasize certain notes in their car stereo system. Before you consider changing your equalizer, it’s critical to understand bass, midrange, and treble notes. This will help you find the notes you’re trying to boost.

  • Bass – This typically refers to any sound in the range below 250 Hertz (Hz). It includes bass drums, tubas, violas, and a myriad of bass sounds in electronic music. Low human voices also fall into the bass range.
  • Mid-range – The midrange of music extends from 250 Hz to 4,000 Hz. Guitars, pianos, flutes, and more. Voices that don’t fall into the bass range are included in the midrange.
  • Treble – The treble section of an equalizer covers everything above 4,000 Hz. The cymbals of a drum normally fall into this range, as do higher notes in electronic music.

Many times the best setting on an equalizer is the “custom” setting, which is your own settings by manually adjusting the bass and treble frequency controls on your radio.

Choosing Car Stereo

The best car stereo system is the one that matches your needs. Decide which of the driver profiles below sounds most like yourself, then modify your system accordingly:

The Occasional Driver

If you only take your car on short errands or to go to work, you might benefit most from making inexpensive upgrades like the following.

  • Audio Speakers – This is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your sound system.
  • Car Subwoofer – Adding even just a little more bass can make all the difference to your systems overall sound quality.
  • Car Stereo Receiver – In older cars, you may need one of these to connect with your phone. Even new cars can benefit from a Bluetooth or satellite radio upgrade, as well as improved sound and clarity.

The Transporter

If you’re driving kids around, keep them entertained with these upgrades:

  • Satellite Radio ReceiverSiriusXM has channels just for kids as well as adults.
  • Hands-Free Phone Control – Set a good example by keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Car Video System – DVDs and other playback options help keep everyone happy on long trips or short trips to the store.

Road Tripper

These will help when you travel a lot for business or pleasure:

  • In-Dash Navigation System – The large screen will help you find your way without getting your phone out.
  • Portable or Direct connect Satellite Radio – No need to search for local stations, this option will go with you from one car to the next.
  • Smart Receivers – Stay notified and connected to your phone without touching it thru features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Car Stereo Installation at Audio Express/Quality Audio Sound

We at Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound are proud to offer a full range of satellite radio receivers, Bluetooth head units, subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, GPS navigation systems, video playback systems for all vehicle types and even driver safety features that will help you see everything behind you when backing up or to the side when changing lanes. Every product we sell comes at the lowest total installed price guaranteed, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible deal. Find a location near you today, then come see us to match your car’s stereo system to your needs.

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