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What To Know About Viper Security And Convenience System

If you’re looking to add a security system or a remote start to your vehicle, consider the Viper line of products. The Viper brand is an industry leader and offers an extensive variety of car technology.


Viper Alarm 5305V Remote Start and Security System

The Viper 5305V is a great remote start and security system model. It can start your car with a push of a button from up to a quarter mile away. This is a great way to get your car to a perfect temperature before you get in during the summer or winter months. You can also use it to lock or unlock the vehicle, pop the trunk, and arm or disarm the alarm system. Plus, if anyone triggers the alarm while your away, it will notify you thru the 2-way remote, as long as you’re within range. It can be yours for $379.99.


Viper Alarm 5906V Remote Start and Security System

The 5906V model comes fully loaded, with a five button remote that’s effective from up to a mile away from your vehicle, as well as a back up 1-way remote start. The main remote is a two-way OLCD color version, giving you easy control over your convenience functions. It has all the same capabilities as many other Viper systems, such as remote locking and unlocking and remote start. This premium model starts at $649.99.


Viper Alarm 4105V Remote Start

Like many Viper products, this model is compatible with Viper’s smartphone app, or you can use the included transmitter to start your car from a quarter mile away. Start or unlock your car, or press the car finder to flash your lights and remember where you parked in a full lot. The auxiliary button allows you to add additional features, like remote trunk opening. The 4105V is a bargain at $179.99.


Viper Alarm 5606V Car Security with Remote Start

This 5606V model is cost effective and comes with a standard one-way remote start and security system. It has five buttons and is extremely easy to learn and use. There is a button to lock the vehicle, unlock it, and start it remotely. It has a range of about 2,000 feet, and the remote light flashing option helps make it easy to locate a vehicle at night. There are even five auxiliary outputs. At $359.99, this is a great middle of the road option, and this alarm can support a 2-way remote, sold separately.


Security and Remote Start Systems Near You

To make sure you get the best deal and installation service on your remote start and security system, contact Audio Express. We have a great selection of products and are ready to help you find the perfect match for your needs and budget. Our trained technicians will make sure the installation is perfect, and you are well trained on how to use your new remote start or security system. We are an authorized Viper dealer, so you’ll get the best tech support and warranty coverage Viper provides.

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